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About Us

Why Racing Events, an Event Management company, is committed to hosting runs/walks, triathlons, duathlons and other fitness events that allow for people to reach for their personal best while giving back to the community. We value fitness, fun, friends & family.
Why do you race?  Some of us race to get faster and stronger. Some to get healthy and fit. Some to lose weight. Some to win. Others just to get to the finish line. Some of us race because how it makes us feel. Some to have fun and hang with our friends. Some race to give back to an important local charity. Some race in honor of someone we love or someone we have lost. And some race just to be able to bring beer,  enjoy some wine or eat a burger or ice cream on occasion!

Regardless of your WHY, we are all united on a mission to improve our own health and fitness, have fun, and hang out with like-minded people all while building our community, giving back and improving the lives of those in need. We operate from a belief system that if we all give a little it adds up to a whole lot! Together, collectively, we can achieve the extraordinary!

Nothing brings us greater joy than watching people cross the finish line and knowing that we helped to facilitate that!

So regardless of your WHY, know that we can all live life to the fullest while positively impacting others lives and making a big difference in our community.