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We have a number of athletes who participate in ALL of our events, sometimes racing two days in a row, and we absolutely love these die-hards and so appreciate seeing their beautiful smiles and positive attitudes each race weekend! These avid racers have asked us to come up with a multi-race discount so they can be rewarded for consistent racing and their loyalty to our events, however, our registration company isn’t able to offer this feature currently. So our team put our heads together and we’ve come up with something even better….

We’re calling it the GOLD PASS for 2017 Why Racing Events! Basically, you pay one All-Inclusive fee and it allows you entry to race at all of our events throughout the entire year. You’ll end up racing more and saving a lot of money in the process! You’ll no longer have to decide last minute whether you should spend the money to race…you’ll already be committed and it will make the decision a lot easier. That will lead to you crossing the finish line more frequently and getting in the best shape of your life!

This is a great gift to yourself to assure you have a fabulous 2017 racing season. It’s also the best Christmas Gift ever for that die-hard runner, triathlete or multi-sport athlete who is always so difficult to buy for. Send the link to your partner as a suggestion for the gift that would make you super happy!

Here’s how it works….

  1. You pay $999 for the Gold pass
  2. You will be given a Private Personalized Code that will allow you to race at any of our 2017 Why Racing events with no additional registration costs.
  3. We will also throw in a WHY Racing Hoodie and Trucker Hat!
  4. Train, Race, Repeat

Note: This code can only be used by you. Any unauthorized usage of the personalized code by another person will cause us to have to revoke your Gold Pass.  But we will give you a special personalized discount code that you can share and offer to your friends and family so they can save 10% on their race entries.

In terms of your savings, let’s say you race the following events…

Couve Clover 10 miler - $60

Spring Classic Duathlon - $85

Run to Remember 10k - $55

Blue Lake Super Sprint - $95

Blue Lake Olympic/Sprint - $105

Pacific Crest – Tour de Crest - $70

Pacific Crest – Long Course Triathlon - $270

Pacific Crest – 10K - $55

Hagg Lake Olympic/Sprint Triathlon - $105

Hagg Lake Off-road Triathlon - $105

Mid Summer Olympic/Sprint Triathlon - $105

Columbia River Triathlon - $105

Girlfriends Triathlon – $105

Girlfriends Run for a Cure - $75

Scary Run Half Marathon - $80

Total - $1585 including registration fees

But you only pay $999 and you’re set for the whole year! That’s almost a 40% savings! Even if you don’t race a couple events, you’ll still save a ton of money!

Don't Delay, Get your Gold Pass TODAY! ...yes, we race AND rhyme!



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